Saturday, March 03, 2007

Warm Baby Animals

Holding my son is like holding a warm, wiggly lamb at the state fair. He balls his body up and kicks with exuberance. He likes the feel of your arms but doesn't want you to know this. Well, son, I'm onto you. You can't pull one over on me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Preschool Hates Children

I'm sitting with my back against the wall, typing while watching Niko frolic and play in the biggest bathtub that I have ever seen in my life. We have gotten used to this apartment and all of its many quirks (like the tub in the corner of our bedroom) and can really enjoy the good things about it. Which is great, since the plan is to buy a house and blow this joint this summer.

Niko is getting taller. He's getting stronger and more savvy. When he wants peanut butter toast, he'll take my hand, walk to the cupboard, and point at the peanut butter. When he wants goldfish crackers on his plate, he'll bring the plate to me, Oliver Twist style. He still doesn't talk. He still doesn't sign anything other than "more". He definitely still doesn't go to school, a fact that makes me want to bite my tail in half and throw rotten fruit at the school building.

In fact, I'm fairly beside myself. There was this gigantic hassle about getting his IEP (Individual Education Plan) from his old school. We called that school, who said that his new school needed to call and request it, not us. We called the new school, and they said that they couldn't call and request, and that they couldn't do anything until the old school sent it to them. This sick little dance went on for months. MONTHS, I kid you not! When we finally got his IEP, we sent it to the new school which immediately lost it...twice. End result? Been here since July. It is now March and still no school, and honestly, no likelihood of it happening in the near future. Because these people are inept. INEPT, I say!

But Niko doesn't know this. He instead knows that he and Mama spend lots and LOTS of quality time together. We play ball and snuggle and he adores watching me type at the computer, which is extremely fortunate. I have been writing like crazy lately, thanks in large part to long, reminiscing emails about childhood and a writer friend who is like a pit bull when it comes to deadlines. This has been very good for me, and I enjoy it immensely. Niko recognizes these friends by their pictures and often tries to feed them delicious snacky foods. Lucky Charms, anyone?

Pypes and I have a cross country trip planned for fall. I can hardly wait. We need our wild and crazy girl time, since it recharges us for the rest of the year. I'm trying to convince her to move out here with me. Because, well, I'm lame like that. I think she and I could somehow make this dead city beautiful and alive. Or at least go down swinging.