Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bless Your Heart

November is an especially busy month. I always hated it before...it was boring and dreary and Thanksgiving always had something horribly tragic associated with it, like '80's death for example.

But now that I'm in the middle of working on my second novel, (about 18,000 words into it!) it gives me something to look forward to all year. And I do! Pypes also came and visited, and we had the best time! Riding rollercoasters, log flumes, and watching a stage production of Sweeney Todd. (was I the only girl cheerily singing "They all deserve to die...tell you why, Mrs. Lovette, tell you why..." while folding the whites?) And the shopping! Good heavens, the incessant shopping! Yours truly scored BIG TIME, including a jewel-toned blue trench coat. Nice.

But I landed in the ER again, because my heart rate was beating so slowly and I was getting dizzy and the like. They thought it could be the meds, so they pulled me off of them. Turns out it wasn't, because I had another EKG today, and I'm off to the cardiologist on Monday. I don't know if I should be scared or relieved. I think that I choose relieved. My heart rate is 46 beats a minute, and she's concerned about anything below 60. There are meds out there, she says, that can raise my heart rate. I feel fine when I'm running or doing something really active, but anytime I sit or lay down, I just feel like I'm sliding. So this is a good thing, going to see what's up. I just want to feel good again. I almost can't remember how that feels.

But the novel is going well! I'm in pretty good spirits most of the time. I also realized today that I can prance around in four inch heels without the slightest bit of trouble! A happy realization for us all! I added a great navy pair to the red ones. I can even run in them, which comes into play every time that Niko tries to escape during sacrament.

The other day, Luke said, "Niko, where's Mom?" and he pointed to me without hesitation. THAT is what is good for my heart.

Also, Luke and I are doing a Santa Run next month. A 5k for Luke, and a one-mile walk for me and the two kidlets. We're trying to break the Guiness Book of World Records for the Largest Santa Gathering, and we'll both have a five piece Santa suit. ROCK ON! The kids get elf hats. I'll die laughing if we choose that for our Christmas picture!