Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mommy's Little Pwincess

We can't seem to shake these colds.  We had to reschedule Niko's first private speech therapy appointment because they have a strict sick policy.  I spent almost all day yesterday holding Nina in my arms and watching Disney's Cinderella on Youtube.  "Pwincess?"  she asked me tearfully.  "Pwincess?"  She wore her pink princess pajamas and cried into her star blanket.  I think my heart burst from loving her so much.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Happy Announcement!

Thank you to everybody that encourages my writing.  Sometimes I feel like I'm being selfish by doing something that I love so much, and I appreciate you for reminding me that I can't take care of anybody else if I'm completely depleted.

I announce the biggest sale of my career thus far here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Things!

Niko learned how to blow into the musical recorder today.  The mind boggles.  Within two weeks, this child has learned how to suck through a straw and blow into a recorder.  Oh!  And climb our climbing wall! Something has switched on inside of our child. :)

And I talk about my writing life here.  Good (secret-ish) news, and I officially announce that I started the Williams Syndrome book.  I'm hoping to have the first three chapters finished by Tuesday.  This definitely feels like the project that I should be working on at the moment.  It feels really good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Neverending Paperwork

Niko was supposed to have his two hour speech evaluation tomorrow, but he (surprise!) came down with a cold.  I'm waiting impatiently by the phone in order to reschedule it.  I'm feeling out pages and pages of paperwork...things that I've forgotten.  How many times has he been hospitalized?  Where? How long for each time?  What for? 

Thankfully I have this blog! It's my journal. It keeps me straight, because otherwise I couldn't remember anything.

Nina and I went to the doctor today.  That woman is a sadist! I've been working out really well lately, but I'm still not feeling very well.  I went to request a sleep study, but now I have a full physical, fasting blood test, heart EKG and chest x-ray in my immediate future.

"How are your sugars?  Are you taking your meds?"

", no."

I was soundly rebuked, and after TWO HOURS there, managed to crawl away feeling quite chastised. I complained to Luke about what a Nazi the doctor was, and imagine my incredulity that he was firmly on her side!  The traitor!  ;)

Good news!  I sold a short story to a really big venue! I don't want to announce it publicly until everything gets signed, but it's my biggest sale yet.  The best part was that it was an invite-only antho, and not only was the editor kind enough to invite me, but I worked hard (Luke will attest) and it paid off.  I'm very, very happy! You should be able to walk into practically any bookstore and pick this one up. More details later.

Also, I have decided to write a book about Niko and WS.  There are many reasons for this.  I write; that's what I do. It's how I process.  But more importantly, I met with Noel the other day at the mall.  Noel is a fellow MS mom, and it was such a pleasure to talk to her!  Not only is she a wonderfully beautiful person, but she is strong.  We talked about all of these things that we understood (keeping everything high so it isn't torn apart, for example) but most people didn't.  We talked about friends and relatives who don't really "get the Williams thing".  I want this to be a book that explains. I want it to be a book that you hand to your mother and say, "Here, Mom, I love you.  This will explain my child."  It will be sad, of course, because our lives have sadness.  But it will be hopeful and delicate and, hopefully, a thing of beauty. I've thought about it for a long time, but I just finished two important projects, and it's time to start this one.  I feel like taking a deep breath before I start.  Wish me luck.  Please pray that I'll do it justice.

All right.  Back to filling out more paperwork.  Have a lovely day, my friends.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Niko just used a straw for the first time in his life.  I teared up in the restaurant.  Just sayin'.  :)

Oh, and I lost a challenge and had to write and sing a song.  Have you ever heard me?  I sound like a child.  That is here.