Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Disregard My Earlier Ranting...No, Wait. Don't.

At long last! Niko starts preschool on Monday, and it is truly a miracle. I can hardly believe it, still.

One of the women in our ward is a teacher at one of the schools, and honestly, this all came about thanks to her. She made phone calls and dropped things on people's desks, and called me one day and said, "Hey, can you bring that IEP over here before 7:45 tomorrow morning?" COULD I? Of course!

She worked some magic. School is about a mile and a half away, and I plan to walk him there every morning and pick him up in the car afterward. I am so relieved. He is so ready for this step.

Niko is still fixated on the same things: washers and dryers, stars, having Cookie Monster dance on his head, that cursed Elmo, making The Grudge sounds. He has this new thing where he gets really excited and runs in place before he starts off in whatever direction. He looks like an old Flintstones cartoon when he does that. Next I expect him to walk off a cliff and continue to walk in the air, not falling until he looks down and realizes that there is nothing under him.

In other news, we just bought our first house! It is absolutely perfect, a fastidiously taken-care of, small home with a fenced in backyard and a little wooden play set. It is truly a treasure, and we should move in about a month. I, of course, am looking forward to packing and throwing out all of Luke's treasures. This is a joy to me, although not to him, naturally. He is already worried.

I will be updating this blog probably weekly, since a friend and I have vowed to do it. And I simply can't let him get the best of me, so there we go.

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