Saturday, December 29, 2007

Painting The Roses Red

Okay, so I'm apparently painting EVERYTHING red right now! Niko's chairs. The piano. My hair.

Yes, my hair. It's red and vibrant and happy, and I love it. Imagine strawberries. Imagine you're walking the streets in Russia. It's the kind of red that Luke doesn't enjoy very much, but he's a sport. And I'm twirling outside in the street, so it's all good.

Christmas was spectacular. We had it at my house this year, so it was pleasantly lazy. Riley gave us Guitar Hero III, which Luke is playing even as I write this. Niko is apparently dancing in front of the TV, because I hear, "Niko, watch out! Noooo! Augh." It's a fun game, and there's a little bit of addiction going on. I also have a ring to wear until we buy another wedding ring. I lost mine two years ago now, and it's still heartbreaking. It's nice to have something to flash to would-be suitors, however.

Okay, you caught me. I don't have any of those. But if I did, this slim new band would hold them at bay, I tell you!

Niko has learned to help me unload the dishwasher. He also slides his hand behind Nina's head like we do when we pick her up. Nina just scored her first tooth, one on the front bottom. Her canines were threatening to come in, and she would have been a vampire just like Mama and Niko, but at last, common sense prevailed. I have a feeling that she might be something sweet and lovingly sturdy, a beautiful stake that we can tie ourselves to and anchor ourselves on. Goodness knows that would be a good thing.

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Agnes Minerva said...

Gorgeous!!! Kids are up; I'll write more later!