Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Want My Life To Be Shiny

It has come to my attention that my quality of life has been suffering.

There I was, in my ratty work-out clothes. My day had pretty much consisted of putting away books (Niko pulls them out to look at the bar codes) emptying the dishwasher. Loading the dishwasher, putting away books, pulling all of Niko's toys out of the dryer, and putting away books. I made Nina's bottles, put away books, ate salad for lunch, put away everything BUT books (no way was I going to touch those things again!) and then I broke down and put away books. All with Nina in one arm.

Sure, this is a skill. But is it a QUALITY skill? Couldn't I let the house go to pot for two hours while I made something fabulous? I have a sterling silver butterfly pendant that I've been meaning to put on a satin cord. Simple, right? Just right for spring. And I haven't because....???

So. This is my New Year's Resolution, three months late. ("Stop Procrastinating" never makes the list, so you know.) I shall Enhance My Quality Of Life. It doesn't have to be a huge gesture every day, but something to add sparkle back to life. I want my life to be shiny.

Last year's resolution was to "Ride More Shopping Carts". I definitely made good! You will see me careening wildly on my cart all the way to the car. It's more fun than you would ever dream possible! And sometimes strangers race you, and it's hysterically funny. I think we all shine a little that way.


Julie said...

I won't through the same pattern with Noah, but it was videos. We had them on our shelf. Finally one day I had enough and packed them all up and put them away upstairs. He can enjoy the disney movies when he outgrows the clear and destroy stage.

Tara said...

I need a new quality of life too! It's tough when all you do is pick up after kiddos and wear sweat pants all day :) I love your outlook - and riding shopping carts sounds like a blast!!

Laura said...

I thought was the only one who loved riding the shopping carts! My older son won't go shopping with me anymore, but Michaela gets a total kick out of it!! You're so right about strangers wanting to race. It's almost like they feel they have permission to do something they always wanted to do, but needed that other crazy person to start it!
It took me a few years after Michaela's diagnosis to not feel guilty about wanting a "shiny" life. But, I'll tell you, it's been one of the only things that has allowed me to keep my sanity!!!
Good for you, I wish you a very sparkly and shiny life!!!