Monday, September 14, 2009

Green Smileys

So Niko's teacher sends home a progress report every day. There's either the dreaded Red Frowny, Yellow Neutral, or Green Smiley. Niko consistently gets the Yellow Neutral, which I accept. Lots of tears, poor transitioning, hitting. I get it.

But today? Ah, today Niko pranced off the bus with the coveted Green Smiley. A Green Smiley!! I called Luke. I called my parents. I snuggled my boy. Green Smileys open doors to greatness, so I hear.



Laura said...

Hooray for green smileys!!!

Belkycita said...

Yeah for Nikko!!!
I actually thought he had eaten a green marker!

Noel said...

I too smileys are the start of greatness!! :)

Tes said...

green smileys ROCK!! love love joy joy!

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

The coveted Green Smileys. Way to go Nikko!