Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Results

My house has gone to seed.  The laundry is stacked, we need to go grocery shopping, and there isn't a clean dish in the house.  Luke and I have been tag-teaming the kids as we get Niko's school pictures taken and go to all of Nina's appointments.  I've been waiting all year for NaNoWriMo, and I'm supposed to be about 8,000 words into my novel by now.  I have written 168 words so far.

But we're smiling.

I can honestly say that the last few days have been an ordeal.  Most of the pressure has been because we've had to keep Nina up for the last two days, and that means an exhausted toddler and two very tired and grumpy parents.  Yesterday was her MRI, and today was her EEG.  They flashed lights and tried to induce a seizure so that they could study her brain waves more accurately.  Sweet baby girl didn't seize.  But the nurse told me that I didn't look so good.

"Migraine," I said.  The noise and flashing lights nearly did me in.  Nina waved her starfish hands in the air and thought it was all about having a good time.

The results (for both the MRI and EEG) were normal.  We're going to keep her on seizure meds for two more months and then reassess.  I have meetings tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully after a good night's sleep, I can make a dent in the housework.  My goal is to have it clean by Friday so that the weekend can be all about recuperation.

Last night a girl in our ward brought dinner over.  Not only was it delicious, and saved Luke from cooking (I had a meeting last night, as well) but it made us feel cared for.  I realize that when we moved here three years ago, we went through everything alone.  Now we're supported on all sides, and it makes a world of difference. We realize how lucky we are.  :)


Noel said...

I do wish you would have gotten an answer but in the same is nice to know that maybe there is nothing wrong. Does that makes sense? I am glad that you are getting some sleep, everything is a little more managable when you have rested. Thinking of you.

Jeff and Ali said...

Glad to know that things looked good for Nina, and that you have those crazy days behind you! You guys are sure in our thoughts and prayers!!

Tes said...

With rest anything is possible, i hope and pray you are able to re energize!

by the way, all you really need is clean underwear:)

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

Hi Mercedes,
Just stumbled across your blog. My 18-yr-old brother has Williams Syndrome! He seems to have many of the same characteristics as Nikko. Here is a bit about him:

Feel free to email me!
Take care!
heather :)

Nishant said...

everything is a little more managable when you have rested. Thinking of you.

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