Saturday, January 30, 2010


Everything came back as "unremarkable". While, of course, I'm thrilled that there isn't anything inherently wrong with Niko's brain, it pulled the rug out from under us again. We were hoping to find something that we could correct. Something that we could treat. And explanation of some sort. Now we're back at square one again.

But Niko is maturing and dealing with things better than he used to. I can look back and see progress, and that's something to be grateful for. :)

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Anonymous said...

My daughter Sadie with WS had severe hypercalcaemia last summer which they treated by hospitalization - BUT once she wasn't critical, they gave her Pamidronate, which cured her of Hypercalcaemia forever. The Childrens Hospital here (one of the country's best) has administered Pamidronate to one other child with WS related hypercalcaemia ever. He was cured as well. It was a hard choice, but sooo thankful for the option. Certainly beats the trauma of having her blood checked constantly. It was an Endocrinologist that treated her - might be worth a look-see for your little fella. Best wishes...