Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nina the Ballerina

I lose a lot of sleep worrying about Nina.  I feel like so much of our life revolves around Niko and his needs.  We don't go to loud places because it disturbs him. We don't go to restaurants because he can't sit still for that long. Twice a week I pack up the kids and we travel for a three hour round trip therapy session.  While Niko is in with his speech therapist, Nina and I talk and sing.  We play games.  We put together puzzles and it's our special time. I was delighted to find out that Nina thinks therapy time is for her. But still, is she being pushed to the sidelines?

We started her in ballet.  She loves it!  If you ask her about ballet, her face lights up.  She tells complete strangers that she spins and then falls down.  She works on technique for the first half of the class, and then they read a story and dress up for the second half.  The best part?  Not even Mommy is allowed inside.  Once they step through the special Fairy Door (a tiny little girl sized door) it's all about them. Parents stay outside and watch through a window until it's time to come in and take pictures.

It's all about Nina.  It's only for her.  I don't think I've ever seen her so happy.


The Cutie Udy's said...

Oh my goodness! Nina looks so cute in her little tutu!!

Laura said...

That picture just melts my heart....she is absolutely adorable!!
I think it's natural to worry about our other children. Sometimes that's what keeps me up nights. The 1:1 she gets with you during the therapy sessions is truly, in her eyes, all about her. Aaron, being older, is able to let me know how he feels, and just the simple act of taking a walk with only him, is all it takes to make him feel special and listened to. I think that as adults, we sometimes feel it needs to be all 'bells & whistles' for them, it doesn't.....they just want the undivided attention. And your doing just that!!!!

Laura Oler said...

So cute! I can totally relate to your worries. Rebecca gets dragged to speech therapy 4 times a week. She goes in once a week to help with Alicia's class. Then there's church meetings, etc. I think my stress about not being able to give each of my kids the time they need was the biggest factor for me feeling like 4 kids was enough. All my kids need a lot of my attenetion, and I just can't give as much as I'd like. Nina looks like such a happy girl, and I know you're a great mom. She's lucky to have you.

Mike and Crystal said...

Such a CUTE little ballerina!

Belkycita said...

She looks too cute with her wings!!
I wish I could see her dancing :-)

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