Sunday, February 05, 2012

Let It Fall: A Chapter

Some of you know that I'm working on a memoir about Niko and our journey with Williams. Jay Faulkner was kind enough to let me share a chapter of it on his blog. This is chapter three and it has to do with how we reacted at the time of dignosis. Won't you please read it? And if you have the time, will you tell me what you thought? The memoir is on the back burner at the moment because I was a little too close to it, but I may be ready to start again.


Katie Aldrich said...

It's beautiful, and it makes me sad that, I confess, I don't remember what kind of friend I was during that time. Not a very good one, probably. But I've always felt a special connection to Niko because I remember us with our big bellies and our newborns together. Thanks for sharing this Mercedes- it will make me a better friend the next time I have an opportunity to be one in a situation like this.

Laura Oler said...

Like Katie, I read this with different emotions, having been there, and wishing I was a better friend. I was going through my own transition with my first, but of course it was nothing like yours. I too feel that connection of being pregnant together. You do write beautifully. This book must be painful, but I think it will bless others who experience something similar, as well as their friends and family. Thanks for writing.

Belkycita said...

I have to begin by thanking you for writing such personal experiences.
I, like Laura, believe you will help others with this book, so I hope you keep finding the time and strength to work on it.
I didn't know how to express my desire to help and my love for little Niko, so this should help others like me.
Also, I worry you guys might think I'm crazy for feeling so close to Niki. There was something about him, when I started interacting with him, he won my heart, and I love hearing all the achievements, I feel blessed to have met him.

Mercedes said...

Katie, Laura, and Belky,

When I think of friends who were there during all of this, you definitely come to mind! You were always people I could count on. You still are! :D

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