Monday, April 17, 2006

The Note Pinned to my Son's Back

Remember in kindergarten when the teacher would pin notes to your back so your parents would be sure to get them? This poem was inspired by a walk around the lake with Marilyn.

The Note Pinned To My Son’s Back

In case of emergency, please take me with you. I am almost two years old. I can’t have calcium. The vein on my right arm looks like a great one, but really it’s a roller. Please inform the phlebotomist.

I love my Cookie Monster. I like to lay on him and make him laugh. I like to bite his fur off. I like to shake him and knock his eyes against my forehead. I like to have my arms around him when I sleep.

I still put things in my mouth. I like to lick noses. When I’m angry, sing David Bowie songs to me and dance a little bit. Maybe I will laugh.

I need five doses of medicine a day. I will brush my own teeth. I love things that spin. I always keep my eyes open during prayer. I can clap my hands. I can snort. I think that’s how people communicate.

I can crawl. I wear corrective booties to keep my bones aligned. I can’t talk. I can’t walk. I can’t run.

So in case of emergency, please take me with you.


Lora said...

Your stories are very inspirational! Niko sounds like a very sweet spirit, and I know he is blessed to have a brilliant mother such as yourself. Love, an old friend Lora :)

Mercedes said...

High School Lora????

Agnes Minerva said...

Snaps, Lady! I raise my martini to your brilliance. What a great poem.