Saturday, August 12, 2006

Foppish Cocktail Parties

May 10

Niko's third birthday party went well. The cake was, of course, a marvelously designed masterpiece. Luke's a natural. Preppy clothes were given to us by family, fun things from our friends. Niko pinwheeled around the room like a giddy, slightly drunken host at a foppish cocktail party. He is a very loved little boy. Pinwheel all you like, son.

Preschool is another matter. After multiple scheduled and rescheduled appointments, we finally found a school. (Most schools felt they weren't a good fit for Niko.) His first day at his new school, he had a complete meltdown and screamed for two hours. The teacher called and asked me to come pick up my son, and that she didn't think this school was right for him. I'm at wit's end.

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Agnes Minerva said...

Oh, did we ever send you photos from Niko's birthday? We have some fabulous shots! Don't let me get away without getting these photos to you.