Monday, October 23, 2006

Wonder of Wonders! Miracles of Miracles!

I can't believe it happened! The biggest, craziest, most insane statistical fluke that could ever happened has occurred! I am besides myself!
I received a phone call from my mother last night. We're from a small town, and usually identify ourselves by our County because at least maybe somebody has heard of THAT. People in our own state don't recognize the name of our teeny, tiny little towns! Well, while Mom was at work, she started talking to somebody who lives just ten miles away from where I grew up, and this person has a child a year younger than Niko with Williams! My mother, bless her heart, flew over to her desk and came back with a picture of Niko. "My grandson has Williams!" she said. The girl was shocked. Mom was shocked. I was shocked! Just think! This obscure little syndrome that nobody has ever heard of...has struck twice in the same area! I'm thrilled. I hope we have a chance to hook up at some point and talk about some of the things that our fabulous kids are going through. Does her child have heart problems? Hypercalcemia? She and my mother already established her child's pointy teeth and tendency to bite. I called Mom up this morning and asked her to suggest what we call the Anti-Bite necklace. It's a thick cord that Niko wears around his neck with a teething toy on it like a pendant. That way he always has something to chew...besides the tender flesh of others. This is cloud nine, people. This gives me much hope.

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Agnes Minerva said...

Oh hooray! What a great coincidence!

Ok! I miss you!