Friday, October 13, 2006

Murphy's Law

Well, we moved in a flurry of frenzied activity in July. And after living in FOUR hotels and THREE apartments, we have finally committed, at least for ten months, to the tiny, ancient little apartment that we're living in now. Our dishes don't fit in the narrow cupboards. The first time I did laundry the dryer scorched holes in our clothes. The toilet automatically flushes itself about once an hour...very disconcerting. But we're here, and I think we'll be happy, and Luke loves his new, mysterious job. He comes home just beaming. Niko and I...not so much. We're still traversing through towers of half-packed boxes, trying in vain to find things like my address book, Niko's toys...our telephone. But we're making headway every day, and this Sunday we'll go to our new church for the first time and hopefully hook in with some buddies. It's killing Niko not to have our friends fawn all over him. He runs up to every effeminate guy he sees, thinking it's Jason, but alas! He's a lone boy with nobody but Mommy and Daddy for company, and even three year olds know that's not cool! I'm trying desperately to get him into a hospital (losing weight, gagging on familiar foods, scratching himself bloody) but it's not working yet. I'm also girding up my loins to start the Preschool Crusade again, but I don't think I'm mentally strong enough yet! The good news is that I signed up for a creative writing course, which I'm thrilled about. I've been doing quite a bit of writing lately, and it feels great. I also signed up for NaNoWriMo...that's National Novel Writing Month, for those of you sane enough not to know what it is. You know me and a challenge. 50,000 words in a month? Heck ya!

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