Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Being A Quick Reader Is A Curse

I just plowed my way through the worst book.

The heroine, of course, was the obligatory soft-soul-within-tough-armor lawyer type, and her life and the life of her son was being ravaged by the twists and turns of the case. She was torn between the lover who left her behind twelve years ago, her current love interest...and some old guy who is just getting over the death of his wife enough to make goo goo eyes at her. Who to sleep with? Who to sleep with? Well, why not all three, right? Makes the decision easier.

Oh, yes, and her son was kidnapped at least twice in the book. Because that happens all of the time, you know. I can't tell you how often Niko has been kidnapped. But they always bring him back within minutes with a fruit basket and a beautifully handwritten note of apology.

So! The big meeting to draft up Niko's IEP went without a hitch yesterday. It lasted two hours and my head throbbed mercilessly by the time it was finished, but it is signed, sealed, and delivered. I was impressed at the time people took working on it, and at their dead on assessment of Niko, for the most part. It's never easy hearing all of your child's weaknesses, but we made goals to try and improve them, and that's what mattered. I think we're going to start the picture exchange up again. Gosh, I hate that. SO BADLY. But. It should help him learn words, at any rate.

We just spent a week down in Oceanside, CA for the annual Yardley family vacation. It was a lot of fun, actually, and they rented a gorgeous condo down on the beach. Niko got a real kick out of the waves, and woke up at 5:30 in the morning most of the time, clamoring to go down. As for me, you guys know that I'm not into that much togetherness. It freaks me out. But it was nice, and now we're home, and I can put Niko down for his nap and have all of the brooding solitude that I want until he wakes up. Which is what I live for. I like time to breathe.

And write my own books. Better than this one that I just read. Egads.

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