Friday, May 04, 2007


Luke and Niko have driven off into the glorious future to attend an out-of-town graduation, and I have opted to stay behind. Because I am incredibly tired. And expecting a baby in August, surprise surprise to some of you. This and the constant running in and out of town have just exhausted me, so tonight it is Jeitohpalooza, as it is called. My scintillating, fun filled plans include....lying in bed watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Dead Talk Back. Oh, and eating some ice cream. Because this is my wild night, after all.

When did I ever become so boring? ;)

Luke was playing the piano this morning, and Niko came screeching in with his accordion. You really should hear the two of them together. Wait, perhaps it would be best to not. It would just blow your mind. The Von Trapp family we ain't.

It might be another month getting into the house, which is disappointing, but all right. I need to learn patience. And yoga. Perhaps yoga will lead to, it has never worked for me in the past. I sit there and think about how inflexible I am, and how I'm wasting time standing like a tall, firm tree when really I should be kickboxing my way out of something. Some of us might not be born to really relax. Of course, I don't believe this. But I do believe that I'm really bad at it. The relaxing, I mean. And also yoga.

I realized yesterday that I had quite a few short stories that are polished and ready to send out. How daunting! How naked! But I am going to do it. I have got much better at hearing the word "No". It isn't nearly as crushing and devastating as I used to think. What a freeing thought!

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