Monday, February 04, 2008

Ha Ha! I Laugh At You! (Cautiously)

So! Niko suffers from the Mother of All Colds, but not pnemonia, RSV, or bronchialitis. I am so relieved! I feel like we scrambled out from under the gun, and I fling insults at this illness! You can't keep us down, baby! We always come back. We always survive. Then I knock on wood and pray in gratitude. Lesson learned. Wellness treasured, check. Not taking things for granted, check. Relief and little bit of I-Get-Knocked-Down-But-I-Get-Up-Again cockiness, check check CHECK. Because a bit of swagger makes me cheerful.

And mama needs cheerful.


Every minute counts.... said...

Thankfully you skipped the hosptial stay! Good for you. And totally nothing wrong with being a littel bit cocky. I agree sometimes you just need a little bit of cheerful!
Hope Niko starts feeling better soon.


camille said...

WAHOO! That's fabulous. I agree, Mama does definitely needs cheerful.

Amy said...

Wow, your experience with Niko sounds very much like mine with Avery (and the hypercalcemia), and the back or the mind dear that it isn't "just" a cold. I have packed bags before going to the padia. it is an awful feeling, one I am glad was not confirmed for you all. I wasn't able to read your entire blog, can yo tell me. What is the status of Niko's kidneys today? Does he have high BP? Glad to met ya!

Ketchesons said...

You are awesomely super strong! what an example to me. You guys are in our prayers.