Wednesday, June 04, 2008


One of the things that I miss the most about our old home is the rain. And while I was there, I loved the rain but missed the storms. The rain in that area is weak. It crawls on all fours, mewling. The desert has these amazingly brutal storms. The ground is cracked and dry, and suddenly the sky opens and everything is washed away.

The wind is ripping the oleander apart. It reminds me of a tiger shark thrashing when it has something in its mouth. It's absolutely delightful, and for some reason storms remind me of why I want to write in the first place. That feeling.

Nina is asleep, snuggled up next to an old doll of mine that I was mildly apathetic to. Niko and I are going to go out and watch the sky. He laughs at the wildness just like I do. We have so many differences, but when it comes right down to it, so many things are the same.


AmyNPyper said...'s storming here to. I love the lightening and the way the rain drives into my window! It reminds me of the dry lightening storms in Cedar...we'd pull couches onto our sad little porches and watch the blue,purple and blinding white fingers rip through the night sky. The power, beauty and destructive capabilities leave me speechless (well...almost)

Elise Jones said...

Beautiful . . .

I can relate having moved from Seattle to Connecticut. It rains with gusto here and I'm reminded of what rain is supposed to smell like. Best of all, we get something other than clouds much more often. But I do miss the evergreens and early spring.

Janyece said...

It seems we both are going through so many storms together. Isn't that funny? I enjoyed our storms yesterday too. There's just something about the change that's exciting and awesome!