Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Good news!

Good news! Good news, good news!

So I've been working so hard on getting my novel shopped out to agents. It's really...I don't know. Grueling. Time consuming. It's a little disheartening at times, but I tend to bounce back really quickly because I know that's just how the business goes. And I'm not afraid to work hard, so that helps. But anyway!

You write your novel, and then you have to write a short query letter saying, "Hello, carefully researched agent! My novel is about .... and would you like to read it?" It's hard. And I struggle writing queries anyway, so that doesn't help me. But!

I won a short essay contest, and my prize is that a major agent at Writer's House (they put out Twilight) will critique my query for me! She'll make it as strong as it can be. I've been very lucky to have other people help me with it, and this is just ultra fantastic. I'm so excited! Now I can feel confident about my query. :)

Anyway, I wrote about it here and linked you to my essay, if you're interested. Hooray!


Jeff and Ali said...

Congrats Sade! That is sooo awesome. I'm so happy for you and am proud of all your hard work!

Alice said...

That's great news. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you

Laura Oler said...

Great essay -- I'm not at all surprised you won. I thought your essay was hilarious and much better than the second place winner. I hope she makes your book sell even better than Twilight as I'm sure it will be more fun to read. I still need to get your book, but I haven't gotten to a bookstore in a long time. The joys of 4 little kids.