Monday, January 10, 2011


I wrote a post a few weeks ago celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. I’d been feeling a bit unwell lately, so imagine my darling husband’s surprise when, after our anniversary dinner, I shouted “SURPRISE!” and announced that I’d just discovered that we were having our third child. How wonderful! How unexpected! A surprise indeed.

Then we were robbed ten days later. SURPRISE!

Today’s surprise took place at the first ultrasound. My dear friends, I am not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that my breath was taken away. We saw the baby for the first time. Then, SURPRISE! There’s another baby! Twins! We’re having twins! I couldn’t believe it. Can you believe it?

But since we never do anything halfway, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, there are actually three babies. That’s right. Triplets. Suddenly we will go from two kids to five. I can’t wrap my head around it, yet. Although excited, I don’t think that my heart can take any more surprises. At least for another day or two.

So let me reel for a while. And then we party! Celebrate with me!


camille said...

WHOAAA!!!! Congratulations! What a miracle!!

LMS said...


Laura said...

Hooray!!!! What a beautiful suprise.

AvaJewel said...

WOW they are some wonderful surprises, congratulations!

Belkycita said...

Oh me dear....congraulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!!!!!!!
Did you have any idea that multiples might come?
I have friends with 9 year old triplets, it is amazing to her them talk about the pregnancy and delivery.
I'll be praying for your health and mental well ebing :-) (just kidding)

Katie Aldrich said...

Holy FREAKING COW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! One of my favorite people in all the world has triplets who are 11 you mind if I send her your email? She is incredible and would be such a great resource. That is SO amazing!

Mike and Crystal said...

This is awesome you guys! We are very excited for you :) Hope you have a smooth pregnancy!

Paul said...

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful surprise.--Pat

Laura Oler said...

Wow, congratulations!! And maybe some condolances too?! What a HUGE undertaking! I have to say that I absolutely LOVE being a twin, as I'm sure your triplets will find. Totally awesome. But being the mother of twins, or in your case triplets?! Wow, you have my admiration. I am sure you will be awesome.

ayin masliza said...

Hi, BIG Congratulations from me for u and your family.

I'm masliza, a mother of 3. My baby was diagnosed with williams syndrome last week. Happy to know you. I have so many thing to learn from you.

Mercedes said...

Thank you so much, everybody!

Masliza, I'm especially glad to hear from you. I very much remember how difficult it was when we got Niko's diagnosis. We were very relieved to finally know what we were facing, but also overwhelmed. Just know that you have the strength to handle it, and there are many, many parents of WS kids who are here to support you! Keep in touch, please! :D

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