Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Birthdays and MRI

Journal Entry, May 5, 2004

We're spending the morning at Children's hospital. Niko is under sedation and going in for an MRI and a heart echo. Luke doesn't have class until later, so he's here with me. Babies with WS are usually more sensitive to anethesia, so that's a concern. Heart problems complicate it, blah blah blah. They put him in a little gown and he cried and fought the gas mask, but I smoothed his hair, looked him in the eyes and talked to him ( until they booted me out) and he'll wake up to Mommy and Daddy's smiling faces!

It was his first birthday on Saturday. We had a mini party with friends. Luke made a baseball and mitt cake, and we had balloons. Of course, Niko is unable to eat any sort of solid foods, and is still throwing up his formula several times a day. He tried a lick of cake and vomited dramatically in his high chair. But a quick whisk to the tub and bedroom and he was all clean and ready to be entertained within minutes. We opened all the windows and kept the balloons in the air, trying to bat them out of each other's open window. It was extremely juvenile, and extremely fun! The "Real" party will be in June when our families come up.

They just wheeled him in and will be doing the echo. His eyes are taped shut. We love him.

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