Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Challenge for Charity

Journal Entry, April 24, 2004

Niko is down for a nap (hooray!) and I willingly tuck myself into bed with you and a Cadbury Cream Egg. Easter was great. We talked to our families, and put golf balls in the Family Easter Basket for Luke, a pair of WONDERFUL high heels in for me, and the rest of the basket was candy and NIKO NIKO NIKO! How fun to pick out a little church outfit for him...and a pair or Batman pajamas with detatchable black cape. Who wanted the church outfit and who wanted the cape, I wonder? (Innocent look) Luke and I are backwards from stereotypical relationships. He wants salad, I play video games. He thinks church, I think superhero. We like it! I notice that I've been shopping like crazy lately. That's totally unlike me. And Luke's been lying around the house, which is unlike him. We are learning to cope with stress in better ways.

So last weekend we went to California to do a Challenge for Charity with Luke's school program. How wonderful to get a break from daily life. We stayed in a great hotel, and it was beautiful. I did the obstacle course and Tug-Of-War with the students while Luke held Niko. It was fun to break out of my shell and do something out of the norm for me...whoever would have thought that my "norm" would have become so boring???

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