Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're outta here!

Hey! We moved! Once Luke got the offer, we took off incredibly fast. Now we're in a new place, getting settled in. We're having a fabulous time thus far! Though I can tell Niko misses his old friends. Especially Marilyn and Jason. He runs to everybody that looks even remotely like them, and holds out his arms to be picked up. He has absolutely no fear of strangers. He takes the hands of anybody close enough to grab. Which is okay, I think. Almost everybody seems happy to have a smiley little boy trying to hug them. But of course I keep an extremely close eye on him. You can't work at some of the places that I have and not suspect the worst in people.


Anonymous said...

Miss you milkshakes!

Agnes Minerva said...

It's just not the same here without you guys! Wah!