Wednesday, June 13, 2007

THE BABY seems to be a bit of a tyrant

We live in a wasteland of cardboard boxes and half-packed lives. Niko maneuvers them deftly, picking his way through the carnage and finding Cookie Monster without a second thought. He cuddles him, and then throws him into a box. To be packed, most likely. And then he climbs in after him.

I have told him that, as a member of the family, he will be allowed to ride in the car. But alas, it doesn't seem to stir him.

So we move tomorrow! Huzzah! I can hardly believe it! On one hand, we've been looking forward to this for a very long time, and on the other, it kind of crept up on us. I don't feel quite ready, mostly because I haven't been able to pack like I wish to. Because of THE BABY. THE BABY seems to get quite angry when I am packing, and likes to warn of his/her impending arrival. This seems rather harsh to me, but who am I to challenge the will of THE BABY? I hurriedly sit down and glare at everything that is left to do.

Luke has been amazing, stepping up to the plate in every way. And yesterday his parents and brother came down, spending a couple of hours throwing things in boxes and scrubbing out the fridge. The progress that they made in such a short time was astounding! I genuinely can't express my gratitude.

I'm nervous, though, because the movers are coming later than planned, and Luke will already be at the airport. So I'll be trying to supervise movers and keep Niko from being underfoot, and placate THE BABY, who will surely get angry. Then I have a doctor's appointment, and originally Luke was going to watch Niko, but this was before all of these other plans came up. Niko will have to come with me, and will almost assuredly fall apart, kicking and screaming, while we're there. Despite the long wait, I do not look forward to tomorrow.

But the day after tomorrow! Ah! If I can just manage to get through that 24 hours, then I believe that things will really be okay! I imagine I'll look around at our life shoved into cardboard, and the house, and my son, and everything will turn out somewhat like I had hoped. I have faith in this.

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