Monday, June 18, 2007

Rant! Rant rant!

Well, we have moved! Did I think it was going to be a nightmare? It was worse than a nightmare. It's the kind of nightmares the NIGHTMARES nightmare about!

The movers....ugh. Were horrible. They were incredibly slow, and only managed to move about HALF of our stuff in the time allotted. It's $145 for each additional hour, they said, and did I want to do that, to finish the job? I didn't. There were all of these other crazy additional fees, too. Like, "The first five stairs are free! And it's $75 dollars for each additional set of five stairs! So that'll be $225 to actually take your stuff down the steps. And let's see...we had to park really far away, so the first 75 feet are free, but after that, it's so much money every additional foot....and you're at least 150 feet away...." I nearly died. What kept me sane, though, was my friend in the primary presidency who not only showed up just to see if things were okay, but helped me wrangle a screaming Niko, PLUS filled up her pickup. Twice. While I filled up my car, twice. Yes, it was 109 degrees, and I was seven months pregnant, lugging things down our $225's worth of stairs (because the first five are free! Woo!) and we STILL didn't get done in the four hours! She saved my sanity, though, by just being there. So we ended up paying over double our estimate for movers that not only left half of our stuff there, but turned the piano UPSIDE DOWN and slid it down the cement steps with nothing underneath it. It is gouged all to heck...I'll post a picture when I can stand to take one. So. Not. Pleased.

But! Now we're here! Niko is entranced with the backyard (and the multiple ceiling fans, and the laundry, and all of the lights!) and seems to be settling in really well. Luke and I were discussing how long it would take until it really felt like home, and we think it's when we'll walk in one day and automatically drop off our keys here, kick off our shoes there, and then wander directly to the fridge for a drink. It's really a very lovely place to be, and we're happy to be here! I'm unpacking all day today, and we'll see what it looks like by evening.

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