Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last Day Of School! I FEAR!

In fact, I fear mightily. He really enjoys it for the most part, and so do I! But he'll be starting a summer class soon, for about a month. They'll bus him in, and we'll see how it goes. His teacher is also looking into the possibility of music therapy for him, which would be wonderful, if it's offered in this area.

Meanwhile, we're moving into the The House a week from tomorrow! I can hardly wait! I'm packing like a demon while Niko's in class, and this will really be a fine thing. It is a time of change for us, and you know that I'm all about change. Niko...not so much. But as I was told today, he has shown resilience and always manages to adjust. So I should just stop worrying. There are better things to do with my time.

Like getting ready for Ninjak! Which is what we're calling the babe until it's born. Luke vetoed "Demon Seed", and looking back on it, I suppose that I can see his point. Although at the time, I found it completely appropriate. I was pretty sick. I half expected cars to levitate behind me as I walked by.

Still feeding my MST3K addiction. Last night we watched "The Killer Shrews". Sure, it was no "I Accuse My Parents" or "Prince of Space", but we laughed wholeheartedly anyway.

Because we're nothing if not classy, you know.

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