Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Headbonks and Black Eyes

Another day, another phone call from the school nurse. Actually, it's been a while since the last few phone call fiascoes, where I think that Niko is dying and actually he needs a diaper change, or whatever. Apparently they switched aids today, and I have no idea why they would do that. Niko is like most children: routine is paramount. Switch it up and he goes crazy. In this case, crazy meant headbonking a new aid who wasn't savvy to his tricks, and said headbonking resulted in this black eye.

I completely feel that this school is different than his last school in terms of abuse. Or "possible abuse" or "suspected abuse" or "alleged abuse" or whatever it is that I'm supposed to say, since an investigation was conducted, some discipline was meted, and all of the rest that they couldn't tell me due to confidentiality. His current school feels very different to me, and they're quick to call if they feel it's necessary. (Twice this week, in fact!) But one thing that the school district dragged me over the coals for was not taking pictures of the bruising. So I've learned. Do I think Niko is being abused in his new class? Not at all. Not in the least. But here's a picture, anyway.

That said, I'm working on a rather gentle new story right now. Its working title is "Iris" and it's unfolding a bit differently than I had originally intended, but I'm pleased with it. Novels are a lot of fun, but short stories are beautiful, joyful things. Their brevity is refreshing.

I'm also a top ten finalist in the OTP writing contest! Woo hoo! If I win, I'm buying a sewing machine! If I lose...I'm still saving up my writing money to buy a sewing machine, so yay! As always, I cheerfully yammer on at I also had a piece go up today! Avert your eyes from some of the others if horror isn't your thing. It isn't mine, necessarily, but most of the pieces were tongue-in-cheek.

Oh! And this made me happy! Go see my friends' band site! They're really fun to listen to, but even more amazing to watch. Read their blog. Wait, where is it that they're sending you? That's right! Hobnobbing with rockstars, people. :P


Inkpot said...

Oh, poor Niko. You are right to take photos. It is better to be safe than sorry. Hurray about being short listed, that is so cool! Fingers crossed you win! :)

Janyece said...

Poor Niko! That's quite a shiner! Give him ice cream! That makes everything better, right? Okay, maybe that's just me...