Sunday, February 01, 2009

White Winged Butterflies

Niko and I have some sort of monstrous cold (As always). Luke and Nina managed to slide through relatively unscathed, knock on wood.

So I've been drinking hot chocolate and looking up butterflies for a story that I'm revising. I'm particularly interested in the Appias Albina, because it's wings are so translucent and lovely in the pictures that I'm coming across. Simply stunning. Do yourself a favor and look them up. I'm so pleased that such things of beauty exist in this world.


SSQuo said...

I did myself a favor and looked them up, they are truly gorgeous. It says they are in plenty in India, my original hometown (even though I loive away from home now), Im sure I have seen a few in my childhood.

Inkpot said...

When I feel down I sometimes think of butterflies. If something so beautiful can come from something so... well, not quite ugly, but chubby and ungainly - why can't I? :)

Janyece said...

One word: Exquisite!