Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guess What I Did Today?

I celebrated St. Patrick's Day by scouting shamrocks for The Big Bag of Luck Giveaway on this site: It was fun, soothing, and delightfully frivolous! I about died when I came across WolfBait's store...these bags are made out of the most adorable fabrics ever. I think that I'm going to spend some of my birthday moolah there.

Tomorrow I plan to start cutting out my Day of the Dead purse that I'm making. (Hence looking at bag sites, yes? I was googling patterns. Yay, Google!) I'll post a picture when it's finished, provided that it doesn't look too heinous. Then I'm going to start on a skirt. I could really get into this sewing thing.

Tonight I had my writer's group meeting, and I was so incredibly scattered that it was almost embarrassing. Oh well! It happens, and I did my best. You can't ask for more than that. It was a strange you can see, since it's two in the morning and I'm tapping it up on the computer. :)


Janyece said...

Sleep, girl! Sleep! It's healthy! ;)

I can't wait to see all your sewing projects! I hope you're not too, too tired today!

Jasmin said...

Hi this is Jasmin from Frog Princess Designs. You didn't leave an email address on my post, so I am contacting you through your blog to congratulate you on winning the ring! If you could send me an email with your ring size and address I will send the ring off to you right away! (my email address is on my blog.