Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Experiment

I’m conducting an experiment that might be interesting. I have an amazing husband, two fabulous kids, security, and the assurance that I am loved. Which means that I should be happy, right?

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong! Things seem to be harder than ever, and I can’t exactly place why. There’s no crisis, but there is the day-to-day grind. This grind is grinding me down. It’s taking off my sheen. So this is what I’ve decided to do.

I've heard that we need balance in our lives. Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, and eight hours of play. I look at that and think, “Pshaw. That was a different time. Things were more simple.” But do you know what? It’s something that I’m going to take a look at.

The experiment is two-fold: First I’m going to try to adhere to the 8-8-8 rule as much as possible. Of course, it most likely won’t be completely feasible, but I’ll do the best that I can. Work has taken over everything else, lately, and all work and no play makes M a dull girl. The second half of the experiment will consist of doing the things that I know I need to do every day. I need to exercise. I need to eat lunch. I need to spend some time outside and I need to ground myself spiritually. Right now I’m doing some of those things, or one of those things, or none at all. Can I fit all of the basics into my day if I trim out the excess work? Can "play" take up eight hours? Let's find out, shall we?

I started yesterday, so anybody interesting in joining is welcome! Maybe we can discuss it later.


Laura Oler said...

Sounds like a good experiment! I think I have a hard time classifying work/play, etc. Sometimes cooking is play (especially baking). Sometimes it's work. Sometimes exercise is play, but it's often work. But my biggest problem is spending too much "play" time on the computer. It's just not that satisfying. I don't think I'll take on the experiment right now with the baby due any day, but I'd like to hear how it goes!

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

That sounds great! I hope it works well for you. :-D

Yardley Crew said...

You rock Sadie! If anyone can make it work, it's you! I think I'm ready to take your challenge too. The daily grin can be grinding... lets have some fun, shall we!?

Rachel said...

I'm in. Actually, I've started taking the advice of an old friend who was on her 7th kid when she told me that the best thing I could do for my kids was to read my scriptures. Faithfully. Every day. Let the kids fend for themselves for 15 minutes and read, no matter what (barring medical emergencies and a burning house, of course). And I've been doing it for the last couple days - in the morning before I allow myself to get dressed (which I personally *have* to do before 10 am or I'm a wreck all day). And it's helped, I think.

Work/play is a hard distinction because my work *is* to play with my kids, but my personal play is to work - get crafty, etc. But I think as long as I'm *feeling* the balance and realize there is time for everything, it'll be all good. Definitely, timing myself and making sure I'm 8 hours on the dot defeats the purpose, right?

Ok! Let's begin!