Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday was fantastic, but very, very busy. First I did my "Hello, I'm An Author!" presentation at the school (I wrote about it here), and then I worked on my essay so that I had something to bring to my writer's group. We met outside under a night sky with palm trees, and had some pretty feisty writing discussions. I didn't finish my essay, but they gave me some great insights into where I was heading with it, and it was very helpful. Then they took off to a 10:55 showing of Star Trek, but I'm both cheap and exhausted, so I came home. It was a great day, but I felt like I hit the ground running.

This morning I *should* be doing laundry and packing for tomorrow, since we're flying to Boise to see a specialist for Niko. But I'm lollygagging around. I'm checking my email. I'm working on my blog. I'm spending time with Nina, and preparing for Niko's IEP in a few hours. And I realize a few things:

1) Breathing feels nice. I have been much too stressed out as of late

2) Niko's IEP this year is, as my father would put it, "ain't no thing."

The stress! The preparation! The lipstick as war paint! I don't feel that way this year. I feel like his teacher really cares, and wants good things for him. I also have 4000 other things on my plate (getting those signing numbers to my friend! Getting all of us ready! Finding a babysitter for Nina because the first two fell through...otherwise she'll be at the IEP, as well) so this can just take a number. I'm really familiar with them by now, so it isn't daunting. That's a very good sign.

And A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs officially comes out today. I'd really like to pop by a bookstore with my family and buy a copy...just because I can. :)

All right! See you guys later!


Nisa said...

Woo hoo! You remembered to remind me and now I'm off to the bookstore! (James will be so happy about that.)

Do I need to call you every couple of days just to remind you to breathe?

Noel said...

I'll have to run to the store and pick up a copy of the book!!
Good luck at the drs with Niko.