Monday, May 11, 2009


My friend in church yesterday: Mercedes! You're glowing!

Me (eyebrow raised skeptically): Really?

Friend: No. You looked exhausted.

Mother's day was fun. Luke made an absolutely fantastic breakfast, and since his meetings were canceled, he readied the kids without any help from me whatsoever. Yay for Mother's Day! It's nice for women to be recognized for being amazing, nurturing creatures, whether we're mothers or not. The primary kids sang and Niko tried to sit on the Bishopric's lap. And played with the microphone. And pointed at me again and again. It made me smile.

I've been asked to speak to a school tomorrow, as a writer. I'm so excited! I'm talking to the older kids for about 45 minutes and the younger kids for about 15. I'm talking about achieving your dreams, and it's so crazy for me! It's exciting. It makes me feel good that maybe I can be a good example. We're at a good place in our lives right now where I actually can take the time to write, and it's healthy for the entire family. Luke supports it, and jokingly says that he can't wait until I'm rich and famous and he can quit his job and just manage our money. That's a good guy, right there. He doesn't resent the time that it takes. He doesn't resent me hogging the computer.

This morning Nina helped bombard Niko awake. She was all, "Mama, Mama, Mama," and Niko rolled over, eyes half masted, and said in this scratchy voice, "Mama?" I said, "Niko, did you just say 'Mama'?" And he said again, "Mama?" Then he woke up more fully, and the moment was gone. But I heard his voice. I heard words. That's two "Mom"s and a "Mama" in the last two months! I have never heard so much out of him. Never. It gives me hope. It brings me joy. :)

On Thursday we fly up to see the specialist, and hopefully determine whether or not Niko is also autistic. It will be nice to know, either way. Of course I'm dreading the actual appointment, but what can we do about it? We just have to roll with it, and exude calmness for Niko. I'm also looking forward to seeing Luke's parents and my friend Pyper. There's a lot of sweet with the bitter, I've noticed.


Ketchesons said...

Happy Mothers day to one AMAZING mom!
what a present, MAMA!

Noel said...

I am glad that your Mother's Day went so well. I am very proud of you for following your dreams!! Few of us have the guts to do it and to see it work out for someone is wonderful!
Niko saying Mom and Mama...that is just the best present you could get.
I hope that your appointment with Niko gives you some answers. Enjoy your time with family and your friend!

Nisa said...

That is so wonderful! What a beautiful mother's gift!!

camille said...

WOW! May the "mamas" keep on rolling!

Katie Aldrich said...

That's WONDERFUL!!! Good luck with the appointment- and congrats on speaking at the school- I can't think of anyone more fun and inspiring:)