Tuesday, May 05, 2009

V is for Victory!

So did Niko fall apart? Yes, he did. But the new pediatrician was so kind and patient, that Niko eventually calmed. Do you hear that? He calmed! Niko curled up into a miserable little ball on my lap while the doctor checked out Nina, and I was flabbergasted. That's a good sign.

I admit that was a little difficult when he was asking questions. "Does Niko eat with a spoon? Does he make any attempts at speech? Does he get himself dressed in the morning?" Nina is officially more advanced than my son. At the same time, they are both learning so much and making so much progress. It isn't a competition, and we don't treat it as such.

My kids make me very happy. :)

So I'm trying to be productive today! Returning emails and bios and things that other people have requested. It's...practically impossible. Nina is clambering on my lap, demanding to read "That's Not My Tractor" for the kabillionth time. Tonight I'm meeting my friend at a chocolate bar to discuss writing. It'll be a sweet reward.


Alice said...

I'm so glad your new ped. visit went well. It is hard to answer those questions when your child doesn't do them yet. I look back at Patrick's babyhood and think of being able to hold him in my lab for longer than my others, for holding his hand for years longer than the other kids, for kissing him and hugging him and telling him he's my baby so much longer than the others. Believe it or not, I really cherish the extra time I had with him as a baby. The others grow up so fast, and he didn't. He is so special and precious to my family. Just wait though. At 13 he wants to talk to me about "sexual things" and getting married.

Noel said...

I am very happy to hear that the drs appointment went so well. It is such a relief to find a good dr who cares.
Have fun with your friends tonight!

Laura said...

Glad the appointment went well. It's a huge feat to find a good dr.

Enjoy the night out....a chocolate bar sounds like heaven!

Ketchesons said...

Great!! I'm happy to hear it was good.
Have fun with the chocolate :-)

Nisa said...

That is a good sign! We take what we can get! And that includes chocolate bars! (both kinds!)

Tes said...

It seems that you and Nancy (Erik's mommy) found the good stuff in your ped/dentist visits recently. Have a dark chocolate anything for me!