Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Really, I Just Showed Up For the Music

Truly. I popped over to listen to my playlist, and decided that I should write.

Niko started four weeks of summer school on Monday. Thank goodness! It's 100+ degrees here, we're all locked inside of the house so we don't sizzle, his beloved trampoline is still broken (it's too hot to jump anyway) and all the kids do is fight. Luke is working insane hours because he's under deadline, and life will just be pretty miserable until August 31.

That sounds negative, but believe me, I'm trying to be optimistic. I have been depressed for the last three weeks and nothing seems to alleviate it. I'm exercising, I'm playing with the kids, I'm surrounding myself with happy things. It's not cutting it. Forget getting through the day; I'm focusing on getting through the hour. Through the next ten minutes. Do you realize how long the day is when you're taking it ten minutes at a time?

But Niko seems to like his four hours of school, and I'm pleased that he comes home hooting happily. Nina's getting a molar and is extra clingy, so I can use that time to dote on her a little bit. I'm trying to work on the writing thing, but it's not happening. This saddens me.

I do have a happy writing-related announcement that I'm going to post on tomorrow's A Broken Laptop. I'll link you then. :)


Noel said...

Hey, we will be in your area the 20-25th. Chris has to go to class Wed-Sat during the day but if you would like to meet up sometime, we could. We ended up finding a place off the Strip to stay, across the street from where Chris has to be( Homewood Suites. You could always come and go swimming in their pool with us :). Let me know and I will email you my cell #.

Katie Aldrich said...

I love that you see teething as an excuse to dote on your daughter...that never occurred to me, but I'm going to do it as M is cutting a tooth right now too.