Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's Nina's Turn to Scare Us

Many of you have heard that Nina had three seizures on Monday morning. Right in a row, about two to three minutes apart. They lasted maybe ten seconds apiece, and I had absolutely no idea what was going on during the first one. She just fell to the carpet, crying like something hurt, and when I picked her up, her eyes were moving back and forth very quickly in her head. The second seizure was a bit more severe, with her head ticking, and by the third, I had her bundled in my arms while I frantically searched for the phone. We rushed her to the ER, where all of her tests came back looking fine. No elevated anything, and a CT scan showed a healthy little girl. I've been trying to set up an appointment with the neurologist ever since we came home, but I can't get anybody to answer their phones or return calls. Again, I hate this town.

Luke gave her a blessing that said she'd be whole, and she has been her happy self ever since they happened. Apparently little kids can just seize, and I'm hoping that it was a sporadic one time thing, and that everything is well. Some have suggested that perhaps it's the heat. It was 108 degrees yesterday.

I thought a lot of things while we were in the car. I thought, "I don't know if I can handle it with two." Nina's our True North. She's stable. She's nurturing and sweet and she doesn't deviate while we run around crazily with Niko. If she's epileptic or something, can we really handle two? I dwelt on this for maybe three minutes. Then I pulled myself together. Could we handle it if we needed to? Definitely. I believe in the strength of the human spirit. I believe in adaptability. We have a fantastic, beautiful, loving son with a disability. And we have an fantastic, beautiful, loving daughter. And if she's a daughter with seizures, then we'll be able to handle that, as well. Perhaps not always gracefully, but as well as we can. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Also, Niko's beloved trampoline literally broke in half on Monday! The skeleton was so rusted that it just snapped. Monday was a Very Bad Day, as you can guess. Luke pulled the trampoline apart, and Niko just wailed. We meant to get him one for his birthday in May, but you know how those things go. I suppose it's a good thing that it's so unbearably hot, because the kids are staying inside and away from the gigantic hole in the backyard. We're hoping to pick up a new one tonight.

I've had people express concern that I'm not updating this blog very regularly. I update about every day or so, so feel free to pop in there. Sure, it's more writing related, but you can keep a finger on our pulse that way. I don't want anybody to worry, but I don't have the time to do more at the moment. We all just do the best that we can, right? :)


Katie Aldrich said...

That sounds really scary, but I'm glad the tests were normal. I'll send up a prayer for the right doctor to do the right things.

Belkycita said...

Scary, but man you have a great attitude and that is what matters.
It sounds super hot though,yucks!
Love :-)

Noel said...

I can relate. If something were to happen with one of the other kids...I know I would have felt like the world was totally off. I hope that nothing serious comes of it and that Nina is back the way she has always been.

Nancy said...

Oh, how scary. I hope this doesn't happen again.

Anonymous said...

Juvenile convulsions are scary but very common. My hubby suffered from them as a baby, so we have to watch for them with ours, temps can also cause convulsions, talk to a doctor I am sure they will be fine. Huggs