Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Better Days Make the World Go Round

Yesterday was so sucky! And today is the opposite.

My parents left today, but first Mom and I went out to breakfast. We laughed and talked and started hitting the Coke pretty early in the AM. Always a good sign. Also, I received an acceptance for a short story that I wrote! It's called "The Container of Sorrows" and it's going up in a pretty respected e-zine. It's probably the biggest market that I've cracked so far, and I just adore this magazine's fiction! So I'm really happy. It also qualifies for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America organization that I'd like to join. So yay! I wrote about it here I'll link you when it comes up. It's a very delicate story, and I'm quite delighted.

I just found Niko sitting on the bathroom sink, and I immediately pulled him off. "Do you remember falling?!" I asked. "Do you remember the hospital and the IVs and that whole ordeal?" He looked at me and smiled. Good kid. Good, crazy, thoughtless boy. We had a birthday party for Nina, and now she's pushing her new Tinkerbell doll around in a stroller. She's such a little mom. She's also no pushover, as demonstrated by her shouting, "You may NOT!" when I tried to do her hair. Today is a much better day. :)

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