Friday, August 21, 2009

I Have a Story!

I'm working on an introductory scrapbook for Niko's teacher. They don't have a Meet and Greet or anything, which is uncomfortable. I wish I could find out who his teacher was in advance and have a meeting with him or her. It seems insane to me that isn't the case. I looked at the school's website, and it hasn't been updated since late 2008. This doesn't restore my confidence. But I'll send him to school with a little scrapbook saying, "Hi, I am Niko! I'm sweet and happy, like the alphabet, and I'll bonk your head so don't get too close!" Because otherwise, I'm going to get 400 irate calls saying that Niko bonked somebody. Which they would be on the lookout for, if I could only get them that information beforehand. *sigh*

But! Something very excited happened today! (Besides Nina flushing her dress down the toilet. That was just...yeah.) I wrote a story and it was accepted by The Pedestal Magazine. It's the highest market that I've cracked yet, and I'm just very excited. It's one of my favorite stories that I've written, so I was extremely pleased that they accepted it. Anyway, it's up! Please feel free to stop by and read it. You can find it here. If it's something that you like, come swing by A Broken Laptop and tell me. Or tell me even if you don't like it. I'm always interested in what people have to say. Otherwise I won't improve.



Belkycita said...

Good luck with the school thing. Nikko and Victoria would be great friends. She is very much into the head bonking thing.

Nisa said...

Nina did what? Gosh, I wish I could call and get the story on that one! lol