Saturday, October 03, 2009


Where have I been?  I can tell you in two links.

  HERE and HERE.

The first is the story of my friend's son.  He's six years old, special needs, and used to be in Niko's class.  I've been going with her to her meetings as both a witness and emotional support.

The second has been all over the Internet the last few days.  As a writer, I'm absolutely appalled, but grateful because it was my super awesome magazine that caught it.

I've managed to snuggle my kids and grab a meal every now and then, and that's about it.  Have a good day, all.  :)


Belkycita said...

How scary!! even if they don't walk him to the other class, why do they let him go off on his own? Maybe I'm missing something, I pray for your friend that everything resolves well.
In another note, WOW you look hot with the black hair, I just love it.
And the story on Kin's is scary in another sense!
Watch out popular girl ;-)

Noel said...

You do have alot going on. The story about your friends child is one of my wosrt have my kid missing for any length of time. To think you trust these
Then the second link...that is just wrong, so wrong to steal someone else's stories!