Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a week!

(Nina and I playing with the webcam ten minutes ago.  She's waving her little hand off.)

Wow, is all that I can say!  This week was heavy and emotional for the most part, but it was also full of a lot of joy.  Niko had a green smiley yesterday (hooray!) and my dad came down to visit for a few days.  I haven't seen him for a while, and I had missed him very much.  That was joy.

The bad news is Here and, more recently, Here.  My heart goes out to everybody back home.  My heart goes out to Sophie and everybody affected by her loss.  And that's all of us.  I cried when I found out, because it's everything that we fear as a parent.

We're also starting Nina on seizure medication, and hopefully that will help.  It was difficult for me to accept that, because in my mind, medication means that it will be a life-long problem.  Of course that isn't the case, and the doctor pointed out that we'll reassess in three months after all of the workups come back.  But no matter what happens, I know that we can handle it because we love our children, and we have a lot of support.  And for that, I'd like to thank you.  Sometimes the good wishes seem palpable.

In other news, five agents are currently looking at my novel.  It buoys my spirits.  And November is National Novel Writing Month.  This will be my fourth year participating, and my goal is to write a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month.  This is my reward for trying to live this year to the fullest.  I'm extremely excited!

Also, I have a rather strange poem up Here.  It makes me happy. 

Have a good day, everybody!


Noel said...

sending my love and prayers to you. You have been dealing with alot right now. It is such a scary world that I knew was always there but never really felt the depth of it until Abi started to show us. My heart breaks for these families and at the same time I am in awe of their strength and hope that I have close to as much when I need it. Thinking of you.

Tes said...

Fist and foremost I love the photo. Your love shows through and Nina is blessed. It pains me to know you are going through such a rough time but I have you in my heart and prayers that this can be resolved. HUGS my friend.

Eva said...

You don't know me (I know Katie Aldrich) but my almost 3-year-old daughter has been on seizure meds for over a year now, and it's been a journey (you already know about those from Niko), but she's doing great now. If you want to chat, Katie can put you in touch with me.

Natalie and Damon said...

They put me on seizure meds too, and I get to go the MRI route. I know the fear of lifelong problems. I can't imagine if it were Ben. We love our kids, and do all we can. I find peace in the knowledge that a loving Father in Heaven is in control. He takes care of our children too. He knows them, and comforts them. Ultimately it is with them that they will return to live, no matter how hard we work. When I leave it in His hands I am happy. When I try to control it, I get sick. I have no answers, but I will do anything I can for you.