Monday, March 13, 2006

Diet Coke and Wine

So the Mom's group is going well. Because we started it, it's completely tailored to us and our needs. Which was obvious when a member brought a bottle of wine to the last meeting. I laughed along with everybody else when she flamboyantly uncorked it, but at the same time I completely understand. Sometimes things get very dark. Sometimes the conversations are very grim. So you can either toast with your wine and laugh, or gulp it down and hold out your glass for more. I do the same thing with my Diet Coke. I think being the parent of a special needs child is a lot like being bipolar...the ups are very, very up, and the lows are lower than you could ever imagine possible. Prepare for either.

Yes! Good news on Nikolai-my-little-guy! His labs looked good, and his heart looked even better. The aorta, although still small, is growing. The two pulmonary obstructions have lessened, and there is absolutely no more thickening of the left ventricle. She decreased the propranolol dosage by three cc's a day, and we're all happy!

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