Friday, July 04, 2008

The 4th of July

My mom will tell you that I have always loved a parade. And I have always loved fireworks. I have my definite favorites: the explody silver kind that leave traces of themselves in the sky. They're absolutely beautiful.

Having a child with Williams changes all of that. Fireworks are much too loud, and we spend our time huddling in our house cuddling and singing familiar songs at the tops of our lungs to drown everything else out.

Our neighbors here are insane. It was 113 degrees today, and everything is parched and dry. The whooping, hollering, and shooting off fireworks is certainly a death wish, but here we are, celebrating the nation's freedom. And I'm really happy for that. As for us, well. We watched Lupin the Third and I held Niko on my lap and played youtube videos of puppies and kittens. He was extremely tense and his body quivered in anticipation of the noise. But he didn't scream and cry, and that was pretty sweet to us. Luke went to lie down with him now. I anticipate a very bad night.

I ran the video to the mail, hoping to catch a glimpse of some fireworks before I was missed. It smells like war out there. But I was lucky: I caught a glimpse of an explody silver one.


Nancy said...

I hate hyperacusis. Hate it. Hopefully, next year will be better. I still make hummus in the food processor out on the porch to keep Erik from the noise.

I like the purple sparkly ones shaped like hearts. How do they do that?

Tes said...

girl get him some noise cancelling headphones, they are a lifestyle saver! Save the Fireworks!!

Janyece said...

I'm glad you got to see one you loved. Give Niko a big hug from all of us and one to Nina as well!

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Those are my favorite types too!!!!