Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Driven By Love and Not Anger

Truth be told, I don't want a lawyer. I don't want to scream, "I'm taking this to the media!" I want this investigated and over and done with. I'm not sure how likely that is, but we'll see. I am, of course, talking to them a little bit later today. We still have a lot to cover.

The advice that I'm getting from everybody is to lawyer up, to get the best lawyer that I can afford. And believe me, sometimes I'm tempted. Because it seems like being sued is the only thing that people can understand. It's all about the money. But I'm not in this for money. I don't care about money. I do care about little kids not being safe in school. By law they're supposed to be there, but somehow they can't or won't take care of their kids. It disgusts me.

The names of the reporters will forever remain anonymous, despite the school district's promise that they could figure it out using yearbooks. They reported it to Child Protective Services, which was the right thing to do. So they told their story, but their names are held in confidence, and the district won't find out who they are. And the investigation will be ran from CPS instead of the school. This is a win for all of us. It's truly the most peaceable course of action that I can think of.

Luke gave me a blessing last night. For those unfamiliar with that, it's something we do in our church where a priesthood holder puts his hands on your head and gives you promises and advice that comes from Heavenly Father. You don't have to be a member of our faith to receive blessings, and they are really just very calming and helpful. My blessing said to channel my love for Niko and have that be my guiding force when talking to people about this. And I really like that, love instead of anger. "Lawyer up" and "Sue the pants off of them" and "Use your anger to really shred that woman on the phone"...that is the advice that I have been given. It's vengeful advice, although it is an extremely desirable route. There is anger. There's a lot of anger, but I have to remember to conduct myself with grace and dignity because anything else might be detrimental to my son. And this is all about him and the other little ones. I'm trying to remind myself that the school shouldn't be my adversary.

Now if I could just remind them of that, as well. I'm quite afraid that they have forgotten.


Every minute counts.... said...

Good for you. I am glad that the school conduct is being looked into. Bless those who came forward, which was totally the right thing to do.


Nancy said...

We have the "laying on of the hands" thing, and it is quite powerful. I wonder if just having someone touch you with compassion and kindness creates energy in itself, even outside of any spiritual force. When I was alone in Europe once on a trip, I touched people more because I just needed that connection. I am not normally touchy.

I can't imagine how I would feel going through what you are going through. Please hang in there and know you are in our prayers.

Laura Oler said...

I love that picture of Niko and Nina. I love Niko's new haircut! You have a lot of wisdom, and it sounds like you are doing just the right thing. I hope it goes well and that things improve for Niko at school. Good luck.

Andrea, Mrs. said...

You are an amazing woman. Amazing.

Janyece said...

i don't need to tell you that you and your family are in our prayers because you know that already, but we will pray for all those involved and truth to be revealed. Father loves those little ones even more than you do. I know, hard to fathom, but He knows what's best and I know that if you go through this prayerfully and with the that blessing in mind, everything will work out. I love you and your family so much! Keep calling if you need anything!