Saturday, July 19, 2008

You Let Us Down

Child Protective Services doesn't take cases of teacher abuse. They suggest that we go to the school. Who will be so willing to help us.


I called the teacher who's number I have, and she's not talking to me. I can either give their names to the school and most likely get them fired, or I can let this go. I also called an disabilities advocacy group, and they made me feel worse than ever.

No wonder the teachers were so afraid. There is no help for us.


Anonymous said...

My grandson has WS, and I would hate this to happen to him. Get a lawyer; things will start moving quickly.
Also, is there a Board of Education? Make the complain directly to them. In NYC there is a hotline phone for such complaints.
Don't let this go. The teachers should have been looking after Niko.

Laura Oler said...

I can't help thinking of sweet Niko and his strong spirit and his absolutely amazing parents and how much love you give him. I wish I knew some hotshot lawyer who could make this all right for you. But you taking care of Niko the way you do has so much more of an impact than any hotshot lawyer ever will. Whereever things go from here, your love will win in the end. Our prayers are still with you.

Tara said...

I can't stop thinking about you and Niko. Keep fighting and searching. I'm checking back often for updates.

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Are you kidding me?

What about contacting the state board of education? Shoots...