Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick. Hide Your Axe. I Could Use It Right Now.

So I just got a telephone call from a friend, who was talking to HER friend, who used to work at Niko's school. And Secret School Friend was telling my friend that I have grounds to sue when it comes to Niko, since they had seen action taken against my son that they would consider abusive. What was it? She wouldn't say. She's not the only one who saw it, but nobody is willing to come forward because they would all lose their jobs. It was a regularly occurring thing, she said. And I can't really report it because I don't have any proof.

Of course I don't have proof. I didn't even know anything was going on. How could I? Niko doesn't speak. He doesn't comprehend things like most of us do. And nobody spoke up on his behalf, so.


I am amazed how detached I feel right now. It's that dead feeling, and I know that in a few minutes I'll get that surge of all-consuming rage. Horror and despair. I just called Luke, and he is livid. I could actually hear him seething on the phone. I'm feeling hate. A lot of hate. I'll have to figure out what I can do. I'm hoping this isn't true. I hoping they burn in Hell.

Please, somebody tell me what I should do.


Riley said...

you should write a manifesto. something that brings all your rage to the surface, and (hopefully) transfers it into something productive.. . . or not.

Ava's Grandma Kim said...

I have experienced something similar with a daycare center when my youngest child was small. I understand that seething hatred. Have you thought about hiring an attorney?

Every minute counts.... said...

I would be livid too. If there is any way to get out of someone what happened I would try. Then I would seek out an attorney or at least contact the state education department and have them look further into it.
I hope that you learn what was going on so that it will NEVER happen again. I have such a hard time trusting the school with my kids anyway, this just makes me more cautious.

Tes said...

I am so upset I am nausous, this is our WS communities worst nightmare! What a bunch of crap, why say it half ass? why even bring it up? if you are not going to give details. Just to make yourself feel better cause you didn't do or say a damn thing!!? I would so be on friend to put me in touch with other friend to at least give you anoymous information AND FACTS! I have got a ax and a hammer and know how to use it, call me sister i got your back.

Katie said...

Firstly you need the real facts, youll go crazy not actually knowing what was going on and until you do there isnt alot you can do, once you get more info then go in guns a blazing write letters or if that gets you nowhere go to the media, this sort of behaviour cant be tolerated. Ever.

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

Hi Mercedes, It's Lynne. I worked with abused children now. Quite a bit of difference then Peer Helpers but in Utah there is a mandatory reporting law. If someone witnesses abuse and does not report it and they are in a position of authority: school workers, teachers etc. They can be procecuted as well. Find out what the law is in your area. Go back to your friend and let them know that (if your state has this same law) if they don't report the alleged abuse that they will also be in trouble. Maybe that will jog their memory. Hope things turn out for you and I am so glad to hear that you are writing.

Lisa said...

Wow I feel just sick reading your blog...I had to go from the start back to hear to see what happened. I think you should take the measures needed to sue or call the news our local channel helps by doing news stories about this stuff. I am sure they would have a field day with this one