Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life Comes At You Fast. For Everything Else...

The emergency room bill came from our "Hello-has-our-son-been-abused?" trip.

Full skeletal x-ray to search for old/healing broken bones: $989.00

Other emergency room charges: $ 975.00

Total charges: $1, 964.00

Knowing that Niko didn't have old, unknown breaks? Priceless.


Andrea, Mrs. said...

Are you kidding me!?!?

Janyece said...

Andrea obviously hasn't spent much time in the ER. Thank heaven! I hope you have insurance, hon! My C-sections were over $10 grand a piece and the gall bladder surgery was about the same. What kills me is that in Germany an ultrasound cost me $50 and here, (in VA) they're $500. In Cairo, Egypt, they were $15! Not as good quality however. ;) Gotta love it! I'm just grateful we have Drs. and we live in a time were they can take care of so many things!

It is amazing how much our bodies can do for themselves though. I'm so glad Niko is doing well! I miss you guys! Give the kids hugs for me!

Tes said...

I will take priceless and run with it.