Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Are Trained To Jump

So Niko's school calls me today, and tells me that I need to pick him up immediately. I have no car, and called several people before I found somebody to give me a ride. With Nina in my arms, I race into the office. He's not there. They tell me to go to the health office, so I'm thinking, "Oh no! He's with the nurse! Something is really wrong." So I race there. No Niko, but the nurse looks at my ID, gives me a Visitor sticker and sends me to his room. I have Nina on my hip, and I'm literally running to his classroom. I throw the door open and see Niko face-down on the floor. I nearly have a heart attack.

His new teacher is rubbing his back and says, "Shhhh, he's sleeping." Apparently during Music Time, which is when the teacher has her prep period, Niko had a diaper blowout, and the teachers and aids couldn't handle it. They freaked, and since they freaked, Niko freaked. So somebody runs for the teacher, and somebody else runs to call me. For a diaper incident.

"They scared me," the teacher said. "I thought he was choking, or something!" She said that she told them not to call me, but they already had.

The thing is, we are trained to jump. Any parent is, but you throw medical fragility in there, and suddenly everything goes into hyperdrive. "Come pick up your child" means that he stopped breathing, or something has broken inside. Somebody is going to explain this to these teachers, who simply aren't aware of the alarm that they cause.

Oh my lands. My heart nearly stopped.


Every minute counts.... said...

I can so relate to that! I have been trying and trying to relay that point to the school. Panic is the first mode when you throw medical conditions in with a special needs child.
I would have been a total mess!!!


Laura Oler said...

Wow, I'd be mad! They should have at least told why they were calling, and they could have called back when everything was OK. I'm sorry!!

Ketchesons said...

How horrible! I'm so sorry.
I have to say though that it reminded me of one time I was at a Women's conference and I got a call from Dave asking me if it would be ok to leave Elena swimming in poop because he didn't think he could not vomit while changing her. Let's just say I was 2 hours away from him and that he refused to stay with her for a WHILE!

The Pitchforths said...

I was going to comment and tell you that I had your dad, but of course, that's the time the internet doesn't work for 3 days. Go figure! It was so fun to talk to them. Get this, I didn't find any of you guys until after I had him. I swear it was fate! Let me know when you're coming home again, I would like to hook up!

Amy said...

There should be an Olympics for mom's of special kiddos. We could all see who can jump the highest. Yes poop blow outs are scary, but not call-home scary.

Katie Aldrich said...

How scary! I hope those wimpy teachers aids got poop on their shirts:).