Wednesday, January 14, 2009

But They're Healthy Cookies!

Niko's teacher sent home a note saying that he and Cookie Monster went down the slide five times. He has never gone down the slide at school, so "Hooray Cookie! Hooray Niko!" she wrote. I'm very proud of my curly-headed little boy.

After Nina's bath, I braided her hair into two tiny, inch-long braids. They were very sweet. Luke is still her favorite, but I'm a very close second now, which sure beats being chopped liver.

Today Luke informed me that the Nevada Nuclear Test Site is bigger than Rhode Island. He's full of cool little tidbits like that. We were discussing whether people on the east coast had the same concept of space that people on the west have. Growing up where I did, I'm very comfortable driving forever and seeing...nothing. The isolation isn't oppressive like it feels to some people. It's just comfortable and natural.

I currently have 39 pieces submitted to different magazines and anthologies right now, and if I can do one more tonight, it'll be a nice and even 40. But now that Luke is asleep, it might be a wonderful time to make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! He is being very good and eating delicious and healthy food. I'm craving sugar like a demon. But if I throw oatmeal in there, well, then it's practically health food, right?

I thought so. ;)


Inkpot said...

Oatmeal makes everything healthy. :) Congrats on your 39 subs and on your recent acceptance. You go girl!

Janyece said...

Throw that oatmeal in there and indulge! Oh wait, I'm supposed to be helping you. Umm... Throw that oatmeal in there and indulge! (And then walk for 30m!) ;)

Katie Aldrich said...

Good job Niko! To answer your question: no, people from the East do not have the same concept of space. I am TERRIFIED at the emptyiness of the landscape out West. I would NEVER drive in it alone- what if you broke down? You could starve to death before someone found you! Ridiculous, I know, but there you have it:).

Anonymous said...


So I had two birds in my day, one called Cookie and one called Niko. So I Googled "cookie niko" and got here.

Thank you for blowing my mind. :)

Jeff and Ali said...

Yeah for Niko and Cookie! Those two are pretty much unstoppable (and inseparable...)! That is so awesome. We love that curly haired little boy and that chubby, cute Nina! Please tell them hi! We miss you!