Monday, January 26, 2009

I Hate Mornings.

This is how my mornings began the past two days.

Yesterday was The Dream.

Me: Luke, I just had a strange dream.

Luke: Mmmm.

Me: I was on a tour bus, and there was a kennel with little tiny dogs and two kittens. Kittens, Luke.

Luke: Kittens.

Me: Yes. Kittens. Anyway, this dark gray kitten escaped, and I befriended an angsty teenager while trying to find it. And I open this door, and this room is full of kittens. Full. This woman was buying them by the bagful. Bags of kittens. I was trying to locate this particular kitten in this roomful of sweet, warm, cuddly, playful baby kittens.

Luke: That's...not anything like what you usually dream.

And as for today...Niko has been crawling into bed with us at night. I'll wake up with his bony elbows in my side or he'll have clawfuls of hair. Last night he crawled in with us.

Then he threw up.


Janyece said...

Oh dear! I swear he didn't get it from me! Poor... well, all of you! James and I have had a stomach bug as well, but the kids haven't caught it... yet! I hope Niko feels better soon!

Inkpot said...

I'm sure dreaming of kittens means something. Makes me think of Hellboy and the demon in Angel who used to play poker for kittens because he liked to, well, eat them. :)