Monday, January 12, 2009

Things That Have Gone Wrong.

1) Crack in the windshield. It needs replaced.

2) Garage door mysteriously broke. It will not open.

3) Car died. It is now resurrected.

4) The fan and light blew out in our living room.

5) Water is now coursing out from behind out our bathtub faucet. This looks bad.

Things That Have Gone Right:

1) Almost everything else


Janyece said...

Isn't it strange how things like that always happen all at once? It can be rather overwhelming! Glad everything else is going right though! Good way to look at it.

Inkpot said...

a lot of things seem to have gone wrong in relation to your car - is this a message not to travel? (I know, typical human need to see order and meaning in random events) :) I hope things start behaving themselves soon.